What Are The Types Of Pumps Commonly Used In Couplings?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Pump commonly used coupling type claw type elastic coupling, elastic pin coupling and diaphragm coupling three.

Claw type (plum-shaped) elastic coupling, also known as elastic block coupling, usually made of polyurethane rubber, which is characterized by small size, light weight, simple structure, easy manufacturing, stable operation without maintenance, easy installation and so on. Commonly used in vibration, buffer and buffer requirements are not high in the small and medium power occasions. Its maximum required torque is generally lower than 850N.M general maximum shaft diameter is not recommended for more than 50mm.

 The elastic pin coupling is connected with the flange of the coupling shaft of the two halves, and the section of the pin is fixed with the conical surface of the pin and the nut and the tapered pin hole on the flange, Elastic sleeve, mounted on the other half of the coupling flange pin hole, the elastic sleeve made of rubber, which is characterized by simple structure, easy to install, easy to replace, small size, the next year, please, the transmission torque The Applicable to the axial movement of large, positive and negative changes in more, and start more frequent occasions.

 Diaphragm coupling with a group of very thin metal spring, made of various shapes, with bolts and the main drive shaft on the two coupling, its simple structure, no lubrication and maintenance, High temperature deformation, good performance, high reliability, transmission torque, but the price is relatively high. Can be used for high temperature and corrosive and other harsh environments.

In the choice of coupling should be fully considered supporting the pump process needs to consider the performance as the center, comprehensive economic value, a reasonable choice.

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