What Are The Equipment Required For Kayaking?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The kayak is the tool for the athlete to move the kayak forward. The pitcher is a two-pronged paddle with both ends of the paddle.

Its main structural feature is the direction of the two blades into a vertical or close to the vertical angle.

According to the direction of the paddle canoeing hydrostatic deflection, the left and right whip, the athlete can choose the left and right oars according to their grip habits.

As the rules of the size and shape of the blade is not strictly uniform provisions, in recent decades, the development of kayaks is extremely rapid.

The size, length, shape, paddle and paddle size of the various oars can be selected according to the athlete's height, technical style, strength, gender and boat.

Static rowing

Rowing athletes in the boat on the legs into a kneeling potential, the other leg into the side, his hands up and down holding a single leaf paddle.

There are left and right oars, such as the left hand of the left hand of the athlete holding the "ding" shape of the handle, the left hand near the paddle holding the oars, right leg forward step forward, kneeling on the knees on the left knee.

Rowing without rudder, athletes rely on paddle to maintain balance and control direction. As a result of each paddle to raise the oar before the water, and then to the front paddle water, so the speed is not as good as the kayak, the pitch can reach 70 ~ 80 oars / min.

The raw material for making hulls is aviation plywood or fiberglass. The length of the rowing, the minimum weight is limited.

The rules require that the rowing of the hull must be made symmetrical about the sides of the longitudinal axis of the hull, and that there is no rudder and any means capable of guiding the course.

Rowing can be completely open, if there is covered the deck, the single rowing part of the row from the bow can not be more than 150 cm from the stern can not exceed 75 cm; double row of open section of not less than 295 cm;

Four people rowing open part of not less than 410 cm. Single boat and double boat can be completely open, at least open length of 280 cm; ship edge (the edge of the ship) can be extended along the entire limit of the extension, up to 5 cm extension on board.

The boat can have up to three reinforcement strips, each with a maximum width of 7 cm. During the race, the ship can not be placed on a variety of electronic or electrical equipment, including pumps, tachometer, fatigue measuring instrument, heart rate table.

The rower is a tool for the athlete to move the rowing boat. The rowing paddle is a shovel with paddle blades. Single rowing, double rowing, four rowing boat specifications slightly different.

Rowing oars are generally made of wood or fiberglass, and in recent years the development of carbon fiber for the material. The carbon fiber structure makes the paddle rugged, durable, lightweight and easy to repair.

The cross section of the paddle is usually round, so that the blade has a better direction, is conducive to force, but also to have a greater bending capacity of the paddle.

The paddle paddle is different from the kayak, and the paddle is symmetrical along the centerline.

Asymmetric blades produce unbalanced surfaces that produce torsional moments under dynamic action. The pitch of the rowing paddle plays a variety of functions that propels, manipulates and controls the ship's smoothness.

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