The Technical Standard Adopted By The Pump

- Sep 12, 2017 -

First, the pump's main accessories and quality

1, the motor: through the ISO9002 quality system certification for export-free motor.

2, bearing with a high international reputation of the Japanese NTN or Sweden's SKF.

3, mechanical seal: the world's leading German Bergman bellows mechanical seal.

4, the pump shaft: coaxial with the motor, with a special aluminum treatment of the pump shaft (ie motor shaft)

5, impeller: the use of impeller directly installed in the motor shaft on the latest models.

6, the pump: the use of metal mold casting ductile iron, to ensure that the pump over-current part of the accuracy, improve efficiency and performance and pressure capacity.

7, pump cover: clever design, both beautiful and reduce the pump center of gravity and shaft cantilever, an increase of the pump running stability and life.

8, the pump casting are metal mold, to ensure that the pump over-current part of the accuracy and improve the efficiency and performance of the pump.

Second, the technical standards used by the pump

(A) IS series of single-stage centrifugal pump used in the main relevant professional standards;

(1), ISO 2858-1975, "Axial suction centrifugal pumps (16 bar) - Marking, rated performance points and dimensions".

Description; reference to the use of its mark, rated performance point standard, but greatly expanded its scope, specifically the provisions of the ISO2858 pump diameter range Dg50-Dg200,

Basic performance range Flow rate 12.5m3 / h-400m3 / h. The diameter of the ISG pump is Dg15-Dg500. Flow range: 1.5m3 / h - 2200m3 / h.

(2), JB / T6878.1-93 "Pipeline centrifugal pump type and basic parameters"

Description: reference to the use of its form, the basic parameters and other standards, but greatly expanded its scope, specifically the JB / T6878.1-93 specified pump diameter Dg ≦ 150, the flow

The amount of Q ≦ 200m / h, matching power P ≦ 45KW, the maximum working pressure ≦ 1. OMpa, suction pressure ISG pump diameter Dg <500, flow Q <2200m / h,

Matching power 230KW. The maximum working pressure is generally ≦ 1.6Mpa, change the material up to 2.4Mpm, suction pressure is generally ≦ 0.3Mpa, can reach 1. OMpa.

(3), ZBK22007-88 "Y series (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions" reference

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