The Canoeing Is On The Rise

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Canoeing is a sport item with a hydrostatic project and a racing item. In the natural or artificial lake race, called the hydrostatic project. In the fast-flowing river race, called the rapids project. In 1924 as a performance project to enter the Olympic Games, in 1936, kayak became the Olympic Games official event. In 1972, the kayak increased the jet project. As the cost is too high, the project immediately after the Munich Olympic Games to withdraw from the Olympic Games. The 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona resumed the competition, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games retained the project, and the Sydney Olympic Games also held the game. Germany, Sweden and the former Soviet Union and other European countries in the still water competition has been an advantage.

Since then, the canoeing has gradually emerged, and by the end of the 19th century, canoeing has become a sport in Europe and the United States extensively. but

Is that it is more than China's "dragon boat race" late for nearly 2000 years.

In the process of kayaking, many people in order to improve the speed, keen to boat-shaped transformation. At the end of the 19th century German engineer Herman, according to his own flight experience, the kayak made into fish-shaped, increased speed. Later, the British boatman Fulandong found that the longer the hull the smaller the resistance, the faster the speed, so the shipbuilders have lengthen the hull. In 1923, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and other countries formed a working committee, the provisions of the boat length of 5.2 meters, the width of 51 cm, has been extended to date.

In 1956 there was a concave hull. By 1960, the horizontal concave contours reached the apex. In 1964, the International Union also developed a "no concave" rules, so that the design of the boat. But people also designed a diamond canoe, 1972, appeared in the glass steel boat. And the emergence of the honeycomb structure of the carbon fiber paper boat, and the United States shipbuilers in order to improve the speed, in the kayak shell, manufacturing artificial shark skin, the surface of a layer of parallel "ravolt" groove, these fine And the dense groove, can make the level of steady flow, and will not form a vortex. But this design has not been adopted by the international division. Nevertheless, its spirit is still commendable, because the kayak movement must coordinate the relationship between the technical, athletic equipment and the role of water.

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