Rowing And Canoeing

- Sep 12, 2017 -


One of the water sports. By the use of one or several paddles on the boat to use its muscle strength to paddle and paddle as a simple and mechanic water, so that the boat back to the paddle forward a rowing movement.

Rowing exercise in rivers and lakes and other natural waters, the air fresh and sunny, by the natural elements of the bath, can effectively improve the body's cardiovascular and respiratory function, enhance muscle strength, regulate the nervous system balance, very Help to improve the health of the human body.

The origin of the rowing movement is considered to be a simple boating tournament in 18 world Europe, and the regular race began in 1829 between the University of Oxford and Cambridge University. The traditional rowing race, held every year on the natural Thames, has been around for nearly 170 years.

World Rowing Championship men and women a total of 24, the World Youth Rowing Championship men and women a total of 14, the Olympic Games rowing men and women 14 items. Regular competition in the 2000 meters on the standard channel. At the beginning of the race, the boats were in the starting line.

After the order, the boats as soon as possible to the end of the boat to reach the end of the boat has won the outcome of the match. In the natural waters of the game, often affected by the weather, even before and after the two groups of different climate. So the results of rowing competition for reference only, so far no world record.


Canoeing is the Olympic Games. It is common in Europe and has a wider mass base. In the mid-1930s, the movement was introduced into Asia, where people were kayaking in Guangzhou's Pearl River.

In 1974 China participated in the International Rowing Federation. 1975 - 1980 China has five times to participate in the World Canoe Championship and some international competitions.

The canoeing is a rowing boat that carries a specially crafted boat by one or several paddles.

Canoeing, including kayaks and rowing, are two small, no paddle boat. As the two boats of the venues, race distance, the rules of the game and the referee method is basically the same, so kayak and rowing collectively referred to as kayaking.

But the two boats of the boat-shaped structure, the shape of the paddle, the athlete's paddle posture, grasp the paddle method and technical action is completely different. Kayak athletes are sitting inside and outside the deck of the cockpit, holding a paddle at both ends of the paddle, on both sides of the boat alternately paddle

Rowing is the paddle front leg into a lunge, hind legs kneeling, two hands with a single-sided paddle in the boat side of the water, sub-paddle and right oar. The kayak has a tail rudder, which is manipulated by the oars and feet;

Now the International Canoe Federation (International Canoe Federation) only Canoe on behalf of the kayak and rowing. The types of canoeing are: single kayak (K1), double kayak (K2), four kayak (K4), single rowing (C1), double row (C2), four rowing ( C4), single boat (T1), double cruise (T2).

Canoeing project is divided into two parts: water and torrent.

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