Canoeing Game Venue Requirements

- Sep 12, 2017 -

In the Olympic Games, the canoeing hydrostatic game is usually combined with a racing race with a water track. To meet the needs of the rowing race, the track must meet the following minimum measuring range requirements.

Long distance of 1400 meters (straight distance), 120 meters wide, the minimum depth of 2 meters; next to the channel at least one side of the river from the first channel of the maximum distance of 50 meters.

The river bank is a gentle slope of the waves, built by large stones or other special materials, so that the waves do not roll over the embankment. The water set a dedicated channel, so that participants into the competition area or training area.

The canoeing hydrostatic tournament is a distance of 1000 meters and 500 meters. The race uses nine channels, each channel width of 9 meters; in the layout of the race channel must be in accordance with the rules of the "A1-bano" system layout. In the Olympic Games must use automatic sailors and electronic timing system.

One of the key facilities of the venue is the terminal tower. This is the core area of the competition, usually 4 or 5 floor of the small building, as the end of the system operating room, the end of the time court, arbitration room, competition committee, the end of the video room, radio room and media camera room.

Under normal circumstances, the VIP area close to the terminal tower, easy to watch the athletes through the finish line of the wonderful performance.

Another important facility is the boathouse. The boathouse is generally close to the upper and lower water terminals, with the athlete activity area and other match facilities nearby.

The boat is usually stored on the shelf, the boat has two open and closed. The boat can also be parked outdoors during the race.

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