Analysis Of Two Kinds Of Structure Of Pump Water Cycle

- Sep 12, 2017 -

At present, some manufacturers in the market using the engineering machine heating method, the introduction of direct heating (pump water cycle) air source home water heater. It is necessary to add a circulating pump, water inlet solenoid valve, plate or casing heat exchanger, etc., in order to achieve dynamic circulation, etc. Components, greatly increased the product failure rate and instability, and as a practical long-term home products, like a long-distance runners, not stressed the short speed, to take into account the uniform physical distribution, in order to get the whole The guarantee. This is because these manufacturers do not have air source water heater household products production and market experience. According to its existing engineering machine technology to do household machines, there is a clear impractical. In the case of

Now on the current direct thermal (water pump water cycle) of the two structures to analyze:

One, one type:

1, one of the air source water heater some of the problems:

(1), the noise problem: the vast majority of air source water heater installed in the balcony, indoor or terrace, and the general peak is water at night, after the water unit began to work, the surrounding environment is relatively quiet, the unit from the room near its compressor + Fan + circulating pump noise makes it difficult for users to accept. In the case of

(2), the emission problem: air source water heater host in the work will have condensate and cold air discharge, in view of one machine installation location, balcony, indoor emission problems, especially in winter, the surrounding environment is more cold, the user can not accept. In the case of

Two, one machine and split some common problems:

1, scaling problems:

Analysis of scale formation factors: in the calcium carbonate content of 145ppm, flow rate of 3.5 liters / min, 60 ℃ temperature of the water, a year will produce 4.8kg of soft scale. At 80 ℃ water temperature, the amount of scale generated will be surprisingly increased to 29.9kg, and from the soft scale into hard scale. In the case of

For direct-heating (water pump water circulation) air source household water heaters, the plate or casing heat exchanger used in the narrow pipe above 100 ℃ for heat transfer, due to its structural reasons, in the majority of urban water quality Will cause the plate or casing heat exchanger to quickly scale, first reduce the heat transfer effect, it emphasizes the COP value decreased, serious fouling to reduce the flow of water, condensing pressure caused by high pressure protection, crash can not work, making Products within a year of high frequency cleaning cleaning, in order to maintain normal water supply to the user's life to bring unnecessary trouble. These manufacturers is the use of the engineering machine heating method, but not according to the requirements of the configuration of the production process, omitting the cleaning device, the better quality cleaning device price of 3,000 yuan. In the case of

2, COP value of the real situation:

As the engine power of the host, and the relative proportion of circulating pump power is relatively large, in the actual work cycle pump power is negligible, but the home machine machine itself is not power, and the circulating pump power difference is not normal Operation, if you remove the circulating pump, solenoid valve and other system power consumption, the actual COP value and static coil type is not much difference. In the case of

3, cost-effective and maintenance of the high cost of replacement issues:

In order to achieve the state of dynamic heat transfer, making the system must use the plate or casing heat exchanger, while increasing the circulating pump and water solenoid valve and other components, making the whole product of the original cost of a substantial increase in the same hot water when the cost Discounted, and once the components of the unit damage, maintenance and replacement costs are extremely high, consumers bear the pressure to increase.

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