To prevent the pump back to oil skills

- Sep 12, 2017 -

In the use of the city's production of the pump when the oil will often appear when the phenomenon of oil, affecting our normal use, give us caused some trouble, today to take you to understand the skills to prevent the pump oil:

1, the pump exhaust valve near the oil and other oil separated, the oil level is only slightly higher than the partition;

2, the tank and exhaust valve in the side, to reduce the oil level, reduce oil;

3, the pump base plane to be flat, the valve with elastic;

4, shaft seal static seal site to be reliable, timely change;

5, in the oil hole in the tube, so that the oil level is only slightly higher than the inlet;

6, set the pump check valve mechanism, stop the pump automatically shut down into the oil hole;

7, set the oil pump and auxiliary mechanism, stop the oil when the pump;

8, the pump pump port inflatable valve.

The above is to prevent the phenomenon of oil pump phenomenon, in the actual use, do this work, you can effectively avoid the oil return phenomenon, to bring us convenience.

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