Method of Eliminating Pump Vibration Fault

- Sep 12, 2017 -

In the rotating equipment and mobile media, low-intensity mechanical vibration is inevitable. Therefore, in the manufacture and installation of the unit, the design, operation and management of the unit should be avoided as much as possible to avoid the interference caused by vibration, the vibration hazards to a minimum. When the pump room or unit vibration, should be specific to the situation, one by one may cause the cause of vibration, to identify the crux of the problem, to take effective technical measures to eliminate. Some measures are relatively simple, some measures are quite complex. If you need a lot of money, should be able to use several programs for technical and economic comparison, combined with the unit technical transformation. We summarize the following common causes of motor, pump and pump vibration and eliminate the measures.

1, motor vibration common causes and elimination measures

1) bearing partial grinding: the unit is not heart or bearing wear.

Elimination measures: re-calibration unit concentricity, adjustment or replacement of bearings.

2) fixed rotor friction: uneven air gap or bearing wear.

Elimination measures: Reorient the air gap, adjust or replace the bearing.

3) The rotor can not stop at any position or power imbalance.

Elimination measures: Recalculate the rotor static balance and dynamic balance.

4) Axial loose: Loose or poorly installed.

Action: Tighten the screws and check the installation quality.

5) foundation in the vibration: the base stiffness is poor or the bottom corner of the screw loose.

Eliminate measures: Reinforce the foundation or tighten the bottom corner screws.

6) Three-phase current instability: torque reduction, rotor cage or end ring failure.

Elimination measures: Check and repair the rotor cage or end ring.

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