Material Requirement and Process of Cabin Cover

- Sep 12, 2017 -

As the ship with hydraulic cylinders, often in the wet, and has a strong corrosive sea environment, the cylinder material, oil seal quality requirements is particularly important, Xibao mechanical hydraulic cylinder plant, as the first through the China Classification Society CCS certification Of the enterprise, depending on the quality of products for the lives of enterprises, has always attached importance to product quality. After many years of Fujian, Zhejiang, the big side of the shipyard for many years supporting the verification, the tank cabin hydraulic cylinder quality, low failure rate, long service life.

Shimonai Ship Service Co., Ltd. recently processed 250 / 160-1200 * 1880 model ship cover hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder for the seamless steel pipe plant in Chengdu 45 # cylinder, the piston rod for the 45 # bar, the use of cylinder seals Imported Herthate.

Process processing

Cylinder hole with deep hole boring rough finishing, the use of rolling process processing, cylinder surface roughness can reach 0.4, the surface of the hole due to roll to form a layer of hardened layer surface, so that between the piston and cylinder Of the friction greatly reduced, not easy to pull the cylinder, can effectively improve the sealing performance of the oil seal and the life of the cylinder.

Piston rod HB260-280 quenched and tempered, the surface is generally finished by the rough finish, and then polished by polished 0.03-0.05mm hard chrome, and then polished by a special polishing equipment, so that the surface of the piston rod to 0.2 finish. This process, the friction is not easy to pull the cylinder, greatly enhance the fuel tank life.

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