Hatch cover hydraulic cylinder function application

- Sep 12, 2017 -

As a ship deck machinery, the hatch cover hydraulic system is mainly used in the opening and closing action of the cargo tanks of the tonnage tonnage cargo ships. The hatch hydraulic cylinders (hatch covers hydraulic cylinders) are the hydraulic systems Important components, different hatch hydraulic systems, with different types of hatch cylinders. No matter what kind of hydraulic hatch cover, are in the container load and wind and rain load process, plays a very critical role.

With the large-scale container ship, so that with the hatch cover structure is also more and more complex, work performance requirements are getting higher and higher. The hatch cover is the main structure of the container load and wind and rain load. Under the action of various loads, the hydraulic hatch cover structure not only meets the requirements of strength and stiffness, but also meets the buckling strength requirements. These large, large hatch covers, very heavy, especially the hatch cover of the 10,000-ton ship, its opening, closing action, requires a strong force to steadily start his action. This powerful hydraulic pressure is provided by the tank cover hydraulic cylinder.

Hatch cover hydraulic cylinder is mainly used in the following areas:

1, container ship hatch cover hydraulic system

2, folding hatch cover hydraulic system

3, bulk cargo hatch cover hydraulic system

Among them, the export of Sweden's 17600dwt multi-purpose bulk cargo hatch cover system is composed of a folding type of open-air deck cover, hanging two-decked cover, hanging from the storage compartment cabin cover, hanging hopper cabin cover four groups, hydraulic Hinge hatch and other components, the cylinder quality requirements are extremely high;

Hydraulic folding hatch covers are currently widely used in the construction of bulk carriers in a form of structure, but also my company manufacturing hatch covers more than one of the reasons for the number of hydraulic cylinders.

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