Domestic Pump Industry Current Development

- Sep 12, 2017 -

 Domestic pump industry production enterprises are currently in the three pillars of the state, that is, private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, foreign investment and joint ventures. Private enterprises as a result of institutional advantages, the development of relatively rapid, but the technical level is generally not high; state-owned enterprises due to policy and equipment advantages, coupled with the monopoly of related products, temporary place, due to the system, history, thinking and other reasons can not be long; Joint venture is relatively high level of technology, new ideas, advanced management system, the current rapid development, future prospects immeasurable.

First, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving

Environmental protection is the theme of today's world, improve the efficiency of the pump, reduce the energy consumption of the pump is the requirements of each domestic pump manufacturer. Even if there is no technical support in production practice, should also be taken as research and development projects to be taken seriously. Energy efficiency is not only identified as the efficiency of traditional concepts, but rather reduces the total cost of life during the pump.

Second, strict implementation of foreign advanced standards and domestic indicators

Take the oil for example, in order to ensure product quality and reliability, the use of products manufacturers require manufacturers to strictly enforce the relevant foreign advanced standards and domestic indicators, or use the unit will refuse to purchase, the current procurement principles have been the market generally The recognition and implementation of standards are generally expressly agreed in the contract

Third, to the direction of high-power non-sealed pump development

Magnetic drive pumps, shielded pumps and other non-sealed pump application number and scope has been a greater development. Practice has proved that a reasonable choice of non-sealed pump to deal with damage to pollution and reduce maintenance costs have an important impact.

Fourth, to the high-speed, automation direction

The increase in speed for the petrochemical industry has considerable benefits, smaller pump products, saving raw materials, reduce costs, but also can improve the efficiency of the pump. Improve the automation requirements, not only can improve work efficiency, while the safety of the site staff also bring some protection.

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