Do you know the canoeing?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Canoeing is a kind of short oar movement. From the point of view of the site, short oar movement is generally divided into torrential kayak, obstacle swing, kayak marathon, kayak ball, adventure rafting and so on.

Kayak yacht and rowing two items, the kayak is the athlete sitting in the cabin with two paddle paddle propeller to promote the hull forward, rowing the athlete is to use two hands to move a single paddle The paddle leaves the hull. Canoeing is developed from the canoe, is human production labor and daily life of a water transport, the first use of kayak is the North American Eskimo, the first kayak is animal skin, bone system Into, and some with the whole tree after carefully chiseled, and its development and people wandering the waters of northern Europe and the United States.

Later, "the father of modern kayak" Scottish John. McGregor made a 4-meter-long, 75-cm-wide, 30-kilogram "Norobino" kayak that traveled the British waters between 1864 and 1867 and traveled to France, Germany and Sweden. So far, canoeing has a history of more than 100 years.

Formal kayak competition single, double, four three, according to the game distance: men have 500M, 1000M, 10000M; women have 500M. Rowing sub-single, double, according to the race distance, there are 500M, 1000M, 10000M, limited to men, these two projects are completed according to the provisions of the schedule speed decision ranking.

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