Development Factors of Pump Industry in China

- Sep 12, 2017 -

China's pump industry development unfavorable factors are as follows:

(1) the overall technical level of the industry than foreign advanced enterprises still exist a certain gap

 China's well submersible pump industry, many manufacturers, most of the production scale is too small, extensive management, lack of R & D investment, technology and equipment is relatively backward, not the formation of economies of scale, product quality and poor stability, anti-risk ability is not Strong. To the company as the representative of the industry with a small number of wells with submersible pump business through years of research and development and accumulation of product quality and technical level greatly improved, and actively participate in the international market competition and have a certain market share, independent brands have also been to a certain extent Of the development, but compared with foreign advanced enterprises, China's submersible pump production enterprises in the scale of production and sales, technical level and innovation capacity, etc. still need to be improved.

(2) fluctuations in raw material prices and rising labor costs

In recent years, the price of the main raw materials such as enameled wire, silicon steel sheet and copper pieces required for the production of submersible pumps has fluctuated, and the cost of manpower has been increasing, which has a certain adverse effect on the development of submersible pump industry. Advantages of enterprises through technological improvements and large-scale production, and continuously reduce production costs, and with the market recognition and brand awareness of the continuous improvement of its ability to transfer costs to the downstream is also increasing, to some extent, can ease the upstream raw material price volatility To the pressure.

ISG pump _ copy .jpg (3) the RMB exchange rate rise pressure on exports

At present, China's well submersible pump manufacturers are actively involved in the international market competition, and a better price advantage in the international market occupies a larger market share. For export-oriented enterprises, the export of goods is generally settled in US dollars. In recent years, the RMB continued to appreciate, 2011,2012 and the end of 2013, the RMB against the US dollar against the previous year, respectively, the appreciation rate of 4.86,0.24% and 3.00% appreciation of the renminbi to a certain extent weakened the cost of China's submersible pump outlet price advantage.

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