Analyze some of the factors in the submersible pump industry

- Sep 12, 2017 -

In recent years, due to global warming, increased drought, making the already scarce water resources become more scarce, coupled with the growing surface water pollution problems, so people have to increase the development and utilization of groundwater resources. It is expected that the proportion of global groundwater resources will be further increased in the future. The proportion of groundwater resources utilization in developing countries will increase rapidly. The increase of groundwater demand will promote the demand for submerged submersible pumps.

Over the past decade China has been encouraging wells with submersible pump products exports, China's submersible pump product performance and quality has been recognized by the international market.

Although China's labor prices have risen in recent years, the RMB has continued to appreciate, China's export prices have increased accordingly, but with Europe and the United States and other developed countries compared to China's submersible submersible pump products still have a more obvious price advantage, Sales price several times the price of similar export products in China. With the development of China's submersible pump industry research and development efforts to improve and improve the production process, product technology and quality of the continuous improvement of wells with submersible pump products export prospects.

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